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Protect your hands with Les Mains 2.0 Soin Total Anti-Âge

Today, it’s more important than ever to wash your hands. The downside: dryness sets in with the speed of light. Cold winter temperatures only accelerate the visible signs of dehydration, roughness and wrinkles. Not to panic! Help is on the way.

With twice daily application, Les Mains 2.0 Soin Total Anti-Âge – Total Anti-Aging Hand Care complete anti-aging formula, will help hands recover density, natural hydration levels, and suppleness, while enhancing protection and a unified skin tone.

  • The precious, antioxidant-rich oil of passion fruit helps to repair and regenerate
  • Tamarind seed extract (vegetal hyaluronic acid) boosts hydration.
  • The innovative ASPRivoli® precursor with pantothenic and linoleic acid stimulates the skin’s natural anti-oxidizing mechanisms.

Last but not least

  • A powerful complex of rhubarb and Panthenyl Triacetate enhances uniformity of skin tone by targeting dark spots pigmentation.

Outstanding efficacy in a “clean and vegan formula”.

Your hands have so much to say, let them say it beautifully.

*In-vivo tests were performed on a panel of 30 volunteers with twice-daily application; results after 28 days.
** In-vivo tests were performed on a panel of 30 volunteers.
***Tests In-vitro sur l’analyse de l’oxydation des protéines, de la préservation de la viabilité des cellules et de la synthèse de Glutathionne, après une exposition aux UV.

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