Efficient skin care

At RIVOLI, luxury means proposing high-performance skin care products which efficacy is proven.

High-performance formulas

Thanks to our scientific committee's constant efforts and our continual investment in research, we proudly offer skin care that incorporates the latest discoveries in cutaneous biology.

MLSRivoli® technology (Multi Lamellar Structure)
Our formulas systematically incorporate lamellar structures in order to promote active ingredient penetration, reinforce skin hydration and at the same time reduce to a strict minimum the use of emulsifiers, which can irritate the skin.

ASPRivoli® Precursor Technology (Advanced Skin Precursors)
Thanks to this technology, we create effective skin care that adapts to the skin's specific needs at a given moment while fully respecting the ecosystem of its microbiota.

Proven results

To ensure the efficacy of our products, we go far beyond simple, subjective product evaluations by a selected panel of consumers. All our products are subjected to rigorous clinical trials conducted by an independent laboratory to measure their true efficacy:

  • Measurements are performed on the finished product to prove that actives interact between each other and not on the active ingredient itself with the final scope to obtain objective and representative results (with in-vitro, ex-vivo et in-vivo*).
  • Measurements are based on a protocol for product use to measure its true benefits in everyday use.

*test: tests conducted on micro-organisms, organs, or cells outside of their natural context. Ex-vivo: tests conducted on cell cultures extracted from an organism. In-vivo: tests conducted on a panel of volunteers.


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