Double cleansing: the best start for an optimized skincare routine.

The skin is our interface with our environment. It is above all a protective barrier that shields us from constant external aggressions, and particularly from everyday exposure to urban pollution (smog, dust, UV, etc.) that dulls the complexion and can lead to the appearance of visible signs of aging.

Le Corps Réparation & Bien-Être

No less fragile than the skin on your face, the skin on the body is equally affected by daily external aggressions, the gradual natural loss of hydration (TEWL: Transepidermal Water Loss) and cutaneous aging — those are just some of the reasons why it’s vital to care for the skin on the body too!

In an instant, signs of time disappear.

Our new Le Regard 2.0 Sérum Liftant Éclat – Radiance & Lifting Eye Serum recently developed within Rivoli’s unique combination of cutting-edge technology, research and science offers efficient, skin friendly and sustainable eye care which “in an instant, makes signs of time disappear”.

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