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For RIVOLI, "Intelligence" in beauty means understanding how to help the skin keep its youthful appearance and good health.

Our philosophy

Speaking of “Intelligent Beauty” might seem a touch surprising, and even contradictory to some. In reality, though it takes intelligence — in the broadest sense of the term — to create innovative products, at RIVOLI we speak first and foremost of a different kind of intelligence: the skin’s own.

In addition to the fact that it is the body’s largest organ, the skin also has the capacity to regenerate every 3 to 4 weeks and to be our shield against external aggressions. The skin's "intelligence" lies in its ability to continually adapt its responses according to its available resources which help to maintain its good health — and therefore beauty.

Precursors concept

The skin’s continual process of regeneration requires a sufficient supply of those nutrients that are essential to the proper functioning of its metabolism: ASPRivoli® technology. RIVOLI systematically uses ASPRivoli® technology, which is based on precursors. As a result, the skin is prompted to produce naturally the active ingredients that correspond to its true needs... Through precursors, the skin receives the essential nutritive elements necessary to reactivate its innate powers of self-protection and regeneration. The high concentration of active substances in precursors makes it possible to achieve rapid, long-lasting results without risk of saturating the skin.

Biomimetic formulas

In addition to respecting the proper functioning of the skin, for RIVOLI it is also essential to respect its ecosystem.  Thanks to MLSRivoli® technology (Multi Lamellar Structure) that mimics the natural structure of healthy skin, we offer skin care with biomimetic qualities. Our lamellar structure technology not only favors protection against external aggressors, it also reinforces the cutaneous barrier and helps achieve optimal hydration.


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