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Les Incontournables
Our essential anti-aging skincare trio, for day and night!

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3 x 15ml; 45ml in total

CHF 165.00

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Our Magic Box

Thanks to their complementary nature, these three multi-functional products noticeably :

  • plump the skin,
  • even out the complexion,
  • combat the visible signs of photoaging and wrinkles.

At night, regenerating and detoxifying properties ensure that you wake up to healthy, well-rested skin.
Used separately, each product combines harmoniously with any other cosmetic product for enhanced efficacy.
These three products may also be purchased individually.

This set includes

les incontournables
les incontournables

L’Eau de Jour N°02

More than just a moisturizing spray, a true multi-functional skin care product of proven efficacy.
Smooths, plumps, firms. Protects and moisturizes.

Apply in the morning after cleansing: spray over face and neck. Let dry for a few seconds

les incontournables
les incontournables

Active radiance primer

A multi-functional skin care product that combines anti-aging skincare with a make-up base.
Acts to prevent photoaging, plump and even out skin tone.

Using your fingers, apply uniformly over face and neck

les incontournables
les incontournables

L’Eau de Nuit N°02

A spray to boost the skin's natural nighttime regenerative process, to wake up to noticeably more rested features.
Acts to visibly diminish wrinkles while regenerating, detoxifying and moisturizing the skin.

Apply in the evening after cleansing: spray over face and neck. Let dry for a few seconds.

les incontournables