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Le Visage
Relaxing Tonic
Soothing and moisturizing toner for the face. Ideal for preparing the skin for further treatments.


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Product detail

Le Visage Relaxing Tonic is a refreshing, alcohol-free tonic that eliminates impurities and leaves the skin hydrated and genuinely soothed. More than just a toner, it also stimulates the skin’s natural capacity to protect and regenerate its barrier mechanism. It is particularly suited to sensitive skin types.


The formula is rich in soothing active ingredients, such as allantoin and bisabolol.


Tamarind seed extract improves skin hydration over time, for greater softness and suppleness.

Strengthens and firms

Strengthens and firms A precursor complex of oat amino acids, Vitamin B and a source of cellular energy helps the skin produce its own proteins and reinforce its structure from the inside.

ASPRivoli® technology: the power of biological precursors in skincare.

The skin is a biologically active and reactive organ that constantly adapts to any situation of the everyday conditions including vitamin deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations, injury or pollution. The skin produces its own active ingredients “on demand," depending on circumstances.

To support these adaptive mechanisms, which can be less effective and disrupted with age, stress or fatigue, RIVOLI has reconsidered its skincare protocol and developed the Advanced Skin Precursors technology (ASPRivoli®): upon contact with the skin, precursor ingredients transform into natural active molecules to prevent or compensate for the skin’s deficiencies.

With the necessary nutrients at its disposal, the skin can quickly return to good health and retain its beautiful, youthful appearance over time.

The use of precursors in skincare makes it possible for the skin to automatically adjust the quantity of active ingredients needed at a given time.

This unique adaptive capacity gives Rivoli skincare protocols a truly personalized dimension.

Precursors: the best ally for beautiful, healthy skin.

A regular, daily supply of precursor ingredients prompts skin cells to function at a higher level, harnessing its self-regenerating powers!

ASPRivoli® Technology: FAQ

What is a precursor?

A biological precursor is a molecule in the body that generates another, more useful molecule. The choice of a specific precursor depends on the intended target.


  • anti-aging precursors: amino acids are precursors of proteins such as collagen and elastin.
  • protection precursors: a combination of linoleic acid and pantothenic acid precursors provide excellent protective benefits. 

Why use “precursors” instead of regular “active ingredients”?

Supplying the skin with precursors instead of active molecules is more efficient in many ways:

  • A precursor ingredient is usually smaller and more stable than an active molecule, which means that it penetrates the skin more easily and in an unaltered state.
  • An active molecule made from a precursor ingredient and produced by the cells itself obviously will be perfectly biocompatible and therefore more efficient as well.
  • With a regular everyday supply of precursor ingredients, the skin is prompted to function at a higher level, like an enhanced workout regimen.

Are products formulated with precursors suitable for all skin types?


A precursor’s activation depends entirely on each user and the state of their skin. Products based on precursors can never be overdosed: unused precursors are harmless and will be eliminated naturally through the skin cells' normal regenerative process.

Dampen 2 cotton pads with Tonique Relaxant.
Dampen two cotton pads with Le Visage Relaxing Tonic, gently sweep around the face, neck and particularly the T-Zone area.


The glass bottle is completely recyclable*. It can be reused for another purpose.
The cap should be disposed of. We are working to find a more eco-friendly solution.

The paper and cardboard packaging as well as the product leaflet are completely recyclable*.

To learn more about the European recycling codes please click on the following link: Recycling instructions

* Recycling is subject to local policies and facilities.

The proven results

Soothing effect

Clinical testing made on sensitive skin demonstrate the “soothing effect” :

  • Stinging sensation coming from an external aggression* were progressively reduced within the next 5 minutes of Le Visage Tonique Relaxant application**.

To download the efficacy report on the soothing effect of the product, click here.

To download the efficacy report on ophthalmological testing, click here.

*Application of lactic acid: alpha hydroxy acid well-know for its peeling effect; used at high concentration cause skin irratation (redness, burning, stinging, etc).

**Measurements obtained via In-vivo test, immediately after the product application (monitored time: after 30 seconds, 1/2/3/4 and 5 minutes after the product application), on a panel of 35 volunteers, aged over 18 years.