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Le Privilège
L’Eau de Jour N°02
Anti-Âge & Protection
Much more than a simple hydrating mist, L’Eau de Jour N°02 is a multifunctional day treatment of proven efficacy

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15ml, 50ml

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Product detail

RIVOLI's signature treatment gets a makeover.

Le Privilège - L’Eau de Jour N°02 offers an enhanced, new-generation formula that answers the needs of today's women even better than before.

As easily to apply as it is effective, L'Eau de Jour N°02 is both an anti-aging and a protective product that fights the visible signs of aging caused by UV exposure, blue light and ozone (wrinkles, dryness, loss of firmness).

Much more than a simple hydrating mist, L’Eau de Jour N°02 contains a concentration of ASPRivoil® precursor ingredients that stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin to visibly rejuvenate the face and offer an alternative action to injectable fillers.

Acting as a daily invisible shield, this new formula protects against skin oxidation caused by urban pollution as well as the adverse effects of exposure to blue light.

An effective and travel-friendly treatment that blends perfectly into any skin care routine. Just mist over the face for instant hydration and protection.
This clean formula is free of silicones, parabens, PEGs and allergens and was developed with eco-responsibility in mind.

It is also certified vegan and ophthalmologically tested.

Anti-age action: smooths, plumps and firms

Thanks to two ASPRivoli® precursor ingredients, the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid, as well as collagen and elastin synthesis, are reactivated, noticeably improving firmness, elasticity and hydration and helping to diminish the appearance of wrinkles (see Proven Results section)

Protects and Hydrates

An extract of a root rich in Resveratrol activates the skin's natural defense mechanisms to limit photoaging* caused by UV exposure.
An anti-ozone complex from the medicinal plant Fumaria Officinalis protects against ozone**, a highly oxidizing pollutant.

Niaciniamide active ingredient (vitamin B3) presents many virtues and plays an essential role in the repair of cellular DNA and in homeostasis***. It helps to counteract oxidative stress caused by exposure to blue light **** and improves skin hydration while enhancing barrier function and reducing invisible water loss (or IWL: moisture loss).

*Photo-aging: the premature aging of the skin caused by overexposure to natural sunlight
**Ozone: present in the lower layers of the atmosphere (those that affect us directly), it forms due to UV radiation on sunny, hot days and in the presence of high concentrations of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds.
***Homeostasis: the balance that must be regulated to maintain the skin's stable internal state.
****Blue light: present in wavelengths of 380 to 500nm, it is emitted by the sun as well as, in an artificial way, LED bulbs and digital screens (smartphones, computers, etc).

ASPRivoli® technology: the power of biological precursors in skincare.

The skin is a biologically active and reactive organ that constantly adapts to any situation of the everyday conditions including vitamin deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations, injury or pollution. The skin produces its own active ingredients “on demand," depending on circumstances.

To support these adaptive mechanisms, which can be less effective and disrupted with age, stress or fatigue, RIVOLI has reconsidered its skincare protocol and developed the Advanced Skin Precursors technology (ASPRivoli®): upon contact with the skin, precursor ingredients transform into natural active molecules to prevent or compensate for the skin’s deficiencies.

With the necessary nutrients at its disposal, the skin can quickly return to good health and retain its beautiful, youthful appearance over time.

The use of precursors in skincare makes it possible for the skin to automatically adjust the quantity of active ingredients needed at a given time.

This unique adaptive capacity gives Rivoli skincare protocols a truly personalized dimension.

Precursors: the best ally for beautiful, healthy skin.

A regular, daily supply of precursor ingredients prompts skin cells to function at a higher level, harnessing its self-regenerating powers!

ASPRivoli® Technology: FAQ

What is a precursor?

A biological precursor is a molecule in the body that generates another, more useful molecule. The choice of a specific precursor depends on the intended target.


  • anti-aging precursors: amino acids are precursors of proteins such as collagen and elastin.
  • protection precursors: a combination of linoleic acid and pantothenic acid precursors provide excellent protective benefits. 

Why use “precursors” instead of regular “active ingredients”?

Supplying the skin with precursors instead of active molecules is more efficient in many ways:

  • A precursor ingredient is usually smaller and more stable than an active molecule, which means that it penetrates the skin more easily and in an unaltered state.
  • An active molecule made from a precursor ingredient and produced by the cells itself obviously will be perfectly biocompatible and therefore more efficient as well.
  • With a regular everyday supply of precursor ingredients, the skin is prompted to function at a higher level, like an enhanced workout regimen.

Are products formulated with precursors suitable for all skin types?


A precursor’s activation depends entirely on each user and the state of their skin. Products based on precursors can never be overdosed: unused precursors are harmless and will be eliminated naturally through the skin cells' normal regenerative process.

L’Eau de Jour N°02 should be applied as the first step of any skin care routine.

  • Spray over face and neck. Allow to dry several seconds before applying day creme.
  • Repeat application throughout the day; repeat as needed over makeup to better protect and rehydrate the skin.

What is a facial mist?

Facial mist is probably the most underrated skincare product in the beauty arsenal. Though it is indeed a water, it is much more advanced than thermal waters.

New-gen skincare mists have very specific properties, among them: moisturizing, nourishing, toning, makeup fixative, anti-pollution and/or anti-blue light, or refreshing.

Only some skincare mists are enriched with anti-aging and regenerating active ingredients such as peptides, extracts that boost production of collagen and hyaluronic acid with a firming and plumping effect, etc., which give them a much greater added value.


What are the benefits of a facial mist compared to a creme?

The great advantage of a skincare mist is its light texture in the form of mini droplets, which allows for better distribution of active ingredients on the skin as well as faster penetration because it can deliver benefits all over, at any time of day.

Moreover, since it is applied without contact — the hands don't touch the face — there is a reduced risk of spreading bacteria that can cause pimples and other imperfections.


Can a facial mist replace moisturizer?

Using a skincare mist does not imply replacing a serum and/or a creme adapted to your skin type and any specific concerns you may have, whether morning or night. Facial mist is above all a "complementary" skincare product that can adapt to every routine, anti-aging or otherwise.


How should you choose an anti-aging facial mist?

Choosing the best anti-aging skincare mist means simply opting for a version that complements your day and night creme by targeting properties that they do not.

For example, if your concern is fighting redness / sensitivity but you are also noticing beginnings of lines or wrinkles, consider using an anti-aging mist as a complementary tactic for fighting visible signs of aging.

Similarly, if you have more mature skin and nourish it with a rich creme, adding a facial mist will let you target the visible signs of aging by boosting cellular activity to regain firmness and achieve a skin-plumping effect.

An anti-aging facial mist will let you complement your morning and evening skincare routine, target specific concerns and boost anti-aging effects.


Why should I choose L’Eau de Jour N°02?

This is a truly complementary anti-aging product for smoothing, plumping and protective care, in a clean formula with proven effectiveness.

L'Eau de Jour N°02 is an update of our emblematic L'Eau de Jour, which reactivates the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, and at the same time acts as a shield against external aggressions.

Thanks to its high content of ASPRivoli® active ingredients, offering an alternative action to injectable fillers, combined with specifically selected plant extracts, L'Eau de Jour N°02 protects the skin from oxidation caused by urban pollution as well as that caused by exposure to blue light.

It is also very appreciated by those who prefer textures that are light yet effective.

In summertime, L'Eau de Jour N°02 is appreciated because it is refreshing in addition to protecting the skin.


Is this facial mist designed specifically for women?

L'Eau de Jour N°02 is a lifestyle product that's both easy to use (just spritz it on and that's it) and universal. Moreover, it is not formulated for a particular skin type; it is therefore suitable for everyone.


Should I apply this facial mist before or after my day creme?

 L'Eau de Jour N°02 is best used as the first step in your morning skincare routine (after cleansing or not), before applying your day serum or creme.


How often should I use L’Eau de Jour N°02 ?

There's no particular restriction with respect to frequency of use: first thing in the morning, as prep or over makeup before going out with friends. Spritz away!

That said, efficacy tests conducted by an independent laboratory for this product had a protocol of three applications daily.


Is L’Eau de Jour N°02 suitable for pregnant women?

While this is a clean formula free of silicones, parabens, PEGs, or allergens, each pregnancy is unique and it's best to ask your doctor and show them product list to ensure absence of risk.

This formula is also certified vegan and has been subject to ophthalmological testing, ensuring that it does not irritate the eye area or the eye when applied correctly.


Packaging in 50ml
The glass bottle should be separated from the cap and pump and disposed of. It can be reused for another purpose.

The paper and cardboard packaging as well as the product leaflet are completely recyclable*.

Packaging in 15ml
The plastic bottle is completely recyclable*. There is no need to separate the components (the bottle from the cap and pump).

The paper and cardboard packaging as well as the product leaflet are completely recyclable*.

To learn more about the European recycling codes please click on the following link: Recycling instructions

* Recycling is subject to local policies and facilities.

The proven results

Testing for efficacy has proven that Le Privilège L’Eau de Jour N°02 offers:

A LIFTING EFFECT: reduces depth of wrinkles
After 15 days : -12.3%
After 4 weeks :  -18.7%

A TENSOR EFFECT: improves firmness
After 15 days : +5.3%
After 4 weeks :  +13.5%

A HYDRATING EFFECT: improves skin's hydration levels
After 15 minutes: +61.0%
After 4 weeks : +27.0%

In-vitro test have demonstrated that applying L’Eau de Jour N°02 effectively preserves homeostasis and cellular metabolism, protects cellular DNA and limits oxidative stress caused by various external aggressors (UV exposure, blue light and ozone).

To download the efficacy report on the anti-aging effects of the product and ophthalmological testing, click here.

To download the efficacy report on the protecting effects of the product, click here.

(*) Average results of in-vivo testing conducted an independent dermatological laboratory on subjects aged 40 to 60 years presenting visible crow's feet. A panel of 20 volunteers; application 3 times daily.